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The Effects of Inhibitors and Facilitators on Information Avoidance in the credible information and misinformation situations 


Avoidance of COVID-19 preventative information is a serious problem that has come to affect our life and death. Previous studies have failed to pay attention to the effect of inhibitors and facilitators that have influenced information avoidance, instead basing on their dependence to information accuracy and inaccuracy. This study aims to investigate why the avoidance of COVID-19 prevention information occurs when the information disseminated is both accurate and inaccurate, and how inhibitors and facilitators change information avoidance. To achieve the research goal, this study organized a 2x2 factorial design that takes into consideration four prevention information situations based on information accuracy and user interface. This study demonstrated the information avoidance model based on the use of structural equation modeling with 2,346 survey responses. 


Lee, Young (Anna)

Young Anna Argyris

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